School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs

Checklist For Preparation Of Faculty Portfolios For Appointment And Promotion without Tenure

1.  Chair's Letter

2.  For secondary appointments or promotions, letter from chair of secondary department

  • Secondary appointment in a basic science department is strongly encouraged for non tenure PhD faculty with research programs who are appointed in clinical departments.
  • If more than one secondary appointment, justification must be provided

3.  Executive Summary
4.  Referee names and email addresses (See Guidelines for External and Internal Letters of Reference)

  • Suggested referees must be equivalent or higher rank than proposed rank of candidate
  • Suggested referees cannot be in the same department as candidate

5.  Current CV in School of Medicine format
6.  Research Summary Form (see Instructions for Research Summary Form)
7.  Teaching Summary Form
8.  3-5 publications (associate professor)
     6-8 publications (professor)
9.  Teaching documentation/evaluations