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Faculty Development

Dean's Faculty Advancement Award

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is fully committed to supporting the success of all of the outstanding faculty members that we recruit to our institution. To this end, the Dean’s Faculty Advancement Award, is intended to enable junior and mid-career faculty members to maintain their research trajectory during a challenging period in their life and career. This highly competitive award provides up to $35,000 per year for two consecutive years to help support the research and career development of faculty members facing significant personal responsibilities.


The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Career Mentoring Program (CaMP) provides orientation, management, and leadership skills to help faculty maximize their chances for career success. This program was first piloted in 2013 and is now mandatory for tenure stream faculty in the School of Medicine. CaMP combines senior and peer mentoring, with cohorts of 8-10 mentees paired with two faculty advisors selected for their proven ability as successful mentors. CaMP sessions meet monthly between September and May and include topics focused on managing teams, negotiation, mentoring, and navigating the promotion/tenure process.


SPRINGBOARD is a new series for recently hired investigators in the Health Sciences. This nine-month program is designed to introduce junior faculty members to one another and to Pitt, and to provide them with essential skills necessary to manage a successful research program. Monthly lunchtime meetings provide opportunities for faculty members to learn about each other’s research, about available research-related and other resources at Pitt and beyond, and to meet key members of the research and administrative community. Additionally, increased opportunities for new faculty to engage with one another are expected lead to the development of new and innovative collaborations across departments and schools. In their second year, faculty members in the School of Medicine transition to the Career Mentoring Program (CaMP), which focuses on professional development and leadership skills.

Academy of Master Educators

The Academy of Master Educators will recognize and reward excellence in education, advance education through innovation and professional development of faculty and support and promote educational scholarship. Development activities sponsered by the academy include innovations in Medical Education, seminar series, program to mentor junior faculty in medical education and an annual social event.

Medical Education Scholarship Consult

The Academy of Master Educators at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offer a Medical Education Scholarship Consult to help you advance your education projects. To begin, fill out the online request form and describe your project. In 1-2 weeks, you will receive a recommendation about your next step.

To access this free consult from your colleagues in the Academy of Master Educators, you may either:

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Scan this QR code with a QR Reader on your mobile.

For additional information, please email Beth Littleton at


The Office of Academic Career Development

The Office of Academic Career Development is dedicated to providing professionals in the schools of the health sciences with the professional tools, resources, and support they need to achieve their full potential as leaders in biomedical research, education, and clinical practice. As a model for comprehensive academic career development programs internationally, OACD seeks to empower the academic health science community, including graduate and medical students, postdoctoral associates and scholars, residents, clinical associates, and faculty by providing academic career development guidance, training, and support.