School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs

Procedure Non-Renewal of Faculty Appointment

  1. Department chair must submit to the dean, via the Office of Faculty Affairs, a Faculty Non-Renewal Request:
         a.     Documentation relating to reasons for non-renewal. The reasons should be explicit to ensure the dean's ability to respond appropriately if a faculty member requests the reasons  for non-renewal.
         b.     Copies of the faculty member's FPE forms (academic plans and measurable outcomes, progress report(s), annual review(s))
  2. These materials will be reviewed to assure compliance with University and School of Medicine policy and to determine if legal consultation is necessary.
  3. After the dean's concurrence is obtained, the Office of Faculty Affairs will notify the department chair. The department then can proceed with written notification to the faculty member, using the recommended template letter.
  4. The department must submit a copy of the chair's signed non-renewal letter to the Office of the Faculty Affairs